why advertise on social media?WHY GET YOUR BRAND ON SOCIAL MEDIA?

So, life as we know it, is going digital faster than we can keep up!.


Therefore, in this fast paced rat race, you will have to consider giving your business brand an online presence, or it will start fading out into the background and you will miss out on some seriously exciting opportunities to meet existing and potential customers face on.

Since the dawn of humanity word-of-mouth has been the best way of marketing and it seems to have come full circle; with a wider circumference than ever imaginable…thanks to the internet.

Social media has taken it a giant leap forward as satisfied customers can now act as brand ambassadors as they refer your brand to their broad circle of friends with a single share, comment or like. If you get your content right and your product/service is on target, the ripple effect of this can continue far beyond the reach of what traditional marketing could achieve.

Is traditional marketing redundant?

No, social media marketing is an essential add-on to your current marketing strategy, especially as hand-held device usage has come so much to the forefront over the past few years.

As traditional media is seen as “paid for” media, social (word-of-mouth) media is word of mouthseen as “earned” media. Which means that the normal way marketers think and operate has had to change.

Social media  is about community, being interested in your target market and in their interests. It is not about paying to force feed your brand to consumers, but rather befriending them, engaging them, offering value in content and product/service while being transparent and responsive, keeping in mind that you are now communicating on a personal, one-to-one level.

As social media is participant media, it is constantly evolving and one has to stay abreast of new consumer trends, as this target constantly keeps moving forward with the times.

Human effort and time are the most important input requirements to play this lucrative online game which is good news for small businesses that have never been able to compete in the realm of print and broadcast advertising. Social Media is a much more cost-effective marketing option. The playing field has been levelled and it is now possible for small brands to operate in the same space as big brands like Coca Cola and Nike. All you need is a clever marketing strategy and someone to help you manage it!

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